Disciplines of True Fasting
(Isaiah 58:6-7)

True fasting can also be a time of feasting. Fasting can be a time when you can choose to:

FAST from judging others;
FEAST on Christ dwelling in them.

FAST from apparent darkness;
FEAST on the Light of Christ.

FAST from thoughts of illness;
FEAST on the healing power of God.

FAST from words that oppress;
FEAST on words that bring Life.

FAST from anger;
FEAST on patience.

FAST from unbelief;
FEAST on faith in God’s Love.

FAST from worry;
FEAST on God’s providence.

FAST from complaining;
FEAST on gratitude.

FAST from pride;
FEAST on humility.

FAST from negativity;
FEAST on God’s Word.

FAST from hostility;
FEAST on the peace of Christ.

FAST from bitterness;
FEAST on forgiveness.

FAST from self-concern;
FEAST on compassion for others.

FAST from personal anxiety;
FEAST on trust in God.

FAST from discouragement;
FEAST on hope.

FAST from thoughts that depress;
FEAST on thoughts that uplift.

FAST from sloth;
FEAST on Christ’s zeal.

FAST from suspicion;
FEAST on Truth.

FAST from thoughts that weaken;
FEAST on God’s promises.

FAST from sadness;
FEAST on the joy of the Lord.

FAST from idle gossip;
FEAST on holy silence.

FAST from problems that overwhelm;
FEAST on prayer that sustains.

FAST from self-will;
FEAST on Christ’s passion.


“A clean heart create for me, God; renew within me a steadfast spirit.”
(Psalm 51:5)


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