Bnr Memorial Mother

October 24, 1929 - June 3, 2013

Mother Foundress 


"I give you a new commandment: love one another.
As I have loved you, so you also should love one another."
(John 13:34)

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The Lord called Mother Nadine to follow Him in a life of prayer and penance as a cloistered religious in the Congregation of the Good Shepherd. Sixteen years later, it was discerned He was now calling her out of the cloister, in order to bring the rich heritage of this contemplative spirituality and its intercessory fruits to everyone, thereby offering to all Christians the means of achieving a relationship with God which was formerly seen as the prerogative of the monk or nun.

Mother Nadine was the Foundress of Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. and the director of Bellwether Contemplative Formation Center, the global headquarters of a very unique ministry of providing to everyone,  free of  charge, the contemplative experience of the spirituality of  Jesus so that what “they have freely received they can freely give” witnessing throughout the world to His Love, His Joy, His Peace, His Presence! It is also out of this contemplative union with Jesus that His ministry of Intercession and Deliverance “continues to bear Fruit in great abundance”! She was the spiritual mother to many and will be very missed.


Excerpt from "My Journey of Faith"



 Words from our Mother Foundress
2012pentecost bwcommunity
"Hope does not disappoint, because the Love of God
has been poured out into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us."
(Romans 5:5)
Dearest Bellwether family,
Thank you for letting me know about the discernment regarding the Workshop and the funeral of dear Mother Nadine, whose passing I feel more and more each day as a deeply personal loss, though I also feel within myself that she is not absent from us.  I said Mass for her the same night I received the sad news from you, and again on the morning of her funeral. It was a deeply symbolic time and place for her return to the Father. She has truly suffered a white martyrdom, and her suffering was precious in the eyes of the Lord, and will produce the right fruit at the right time. She remained a lamb to the end.  I am so glad to hear that the Workshop is going ahead as planned, and that you have discerned this to be the intent of the Spirit. I also think Mother Nadine would have wanted it that way.  I have never wavered in my belief that God was always with her and that her charism has never faded, but continues to be present in the little remnant at Bellwether. This is why I feel sure that the Workshop must go on. I am honored that she thought me worthy to teach at the same event with her. Whatever I can do to help, please let me know. And please convey my best love and prayers and sympathies to the Intercessors.
Looking forward,
Fr Kevin Rai
Austin, TX
Dear Intercessors of the Lamb,
Just an hour ago, this afternoon, I logged on to the IOL website for the Daily message and was shocked to see the announcement of Mother Nadine’s demise.  It was shocking, but I am glad she has returned to the Lord, God Almighty. Her race is over!  She will look after all her little lambs at Bellwether from Heaven.  My heart is with all of you. It was nice to be in your midst when Mother was there in August and September last year, 2012.  May your intercessions for the Church, the USA and the world continue along with the July 2013 seminar with many more to come.  And I pray, God willing, I will be at Bellwether again soon.
God Bless and keep all of you!
Thomas Sylvester
I’m so sorry to hear the news, Gene saw it in the obituaries. My sorrow and heartfelt sympathy and sadness is profound.  I cannot express my sorrow for you all and our own loss. She was my greatest teacher of heavenly things that I ever had, and I/we owe everything for her teachings. I would never have experienced my honeymoon in my spiritual journey had it not been for her and our Medjugorje trips. Please let me know of your plans and anything I can do to help you all.  I noticed all the discrepancies in the newspaper article, I’m so sorry. I love you all dearly.
Love and Prayers,
Nancy & Gene Latch
Omaha, NE
Our heartfelt sympathies to you all in the loss of "Mother". She taught many the roads to follow, and Our Merciful Jesus saw fit to bring her out of the darkness of our world into His light and peace! Thank you Nadine, for all you gave to us...and our prayers are with you, her community.
All our love,
Jerry and Christine Locke
My deepest sympathy to Mother's close spiritual family. I will pray for you all and I am certain that we now have another beautiful soul in heaven whom we can pray to when a miracle is needed.  Be in peace for all eternity Mother Nadine Brown, I will never forget that you saved my life and my marriage, but that you helped me see things as they truly are and what joy you have given my heart, I thank God for using Mother Nadine to reach so many people and to bring them so close to God.
Thomas Cunningham
Dear All,
I just heard about M. Nadine`s death. My heart and prayers are with you all.  Although I never met her, I felt part of the Bellwether family and so much at home with her special charism of intercession and her spirituality.  I can picture her in Heaven and like a little child in wonderment at it all :-)  I will keep you all in my prayers and pray that the Lord will be close to you in the days ahead.
God bless you and keep you in His heart,
Celia Foley
Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland
It is through the wonderful intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary and great LOVE, that I ask Our Heavenly Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ & our beloved Holy Spirit to receive our precious Mother Nadine into Heaven.  I offer my prayers for the eternal and peaceful repose of her Soul. She has been a good and faithful servant to all, by being a clear & willing vessel of His grace-filled TRUTH & many times and for so many people!  May God continue to richly bless her Soul and may she receive the special graces in heaven to eternally pray for all of us here on Earth!
With deepest condolences,
Dear Intercessors of the Lamb,
Our hearts and prayers are with you all. We are so very sorry for your loss, for our loss. We love Mother Nadine and she will be greatly missed all over the world. We love you and our hearts are so very heavy for each of you during this very difficult and sad time. We are praying for you and our hearts are crying out to our Father in Heaven. May Abba hold you all safely in the palm of His hand and shelter you from all the storms. May Mother Mary and Mother Nadine wrap their saintly arms and hearts around you and Bellwether. May all the Holy Warrior Angels stand guard and protect you and Bellwether always.  e are grieving with you and if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. We are with you, no matter what. We love you.
With Love and Prayerfully in the Heart of Mary's Lamb,
Kass and Rob
Mississauga, Canada
This is Ana Alcasid from the Philippines. We join all of you in thanking the Lord for the beautiful life He gave Mother Nadine. A life well lived for others! Rev. Fr. John Morota, our former Parish Priest who has met Mother in Omaha will say Mass for her with all of us in Tahanan Village on Friday, June 7. Mother Nadine has been and will always be an inspiration to all of us to live the Charism of Contemplative Intercession. Please keep us posted.  We are all praying for Mother and for all of you. Cesar and I felt the warmth of her presence when we were looking at all your beautiful pictures posted in your website. A joyful bunch of people! There is no joy like the ones on your faces. The Mass that Fr. John Morota and all of us in Tahanan Village will offer this Friday, June 7, is a celebration of love and joy for Mother Nadine's beautiful life. In the tradition that we have experienced in Bellwether, every celebration ends with a fellowship. This Friday we will have one - a thanksgiving toast to the Lord for Mother.
A big hug to all of you. We love you all! Thanks and God bless.
Ana for all of us
Ana Marie Alcasid
My heart hurts and I can't stop crying for Mother Nadine. I can see her now with that great big smile in heaven looking at us and continuing her intercessory mission. She has been my role model since I discovered this charism. Mother Nadine had such an impact on my life and I am so thankful to her because of her "yes" and obedience to God's will. I am so thankful to all of you who stood by her side during all the persecutions. You are all amazing and I pray that you will continue this beautiful charism of the Intercessors of the Lamb.
God bless all of you!
Rose Gallegos
Alcalde, NM
Dearest Lambs,
Our prayer group here in Austin, and I personally, are so saddened by the news of our dear mother's death. Our hearts and our prayers go out to all of you as you grieve this deep, deep loss and as you with God's help organize and transition to a new time for your community.  Words can never express what Nadine, God's victim lamb and holy apostle, has done for us... I am so very sorry that most of us will be unable to attend her funeral due to the great expense of air travel and some already having tickets to the retreat in July. We are sending by Paypal our offerings to help with funeral expenses and with your time of transition.  God's peace and the comfort of the Comforter and His Beloved Spouse Holy Mary be with you in a special and intimate way at this time.
Elizabeth Bishop, OFS
Austin, Texas
I am so sorry to hear the news on Spiritdaily that Mother Nadine has died. I feel like I've lost a friend. I enjoyed her books and was sorry when they were removed from Spiritdaily because of the Bishop's ruling. Such rulings cause great confusion especially when previous Bishops gave their approval.  I will offer up Mass tomorrow for Mother here in New Zealand.
God bless you all!
Sandra Bater
New Zealand
Dearest Bellwether family,
This little one is with you, at heart, mind and soul at this time. My little heart has been piercing since last Saturday, quite a lot. With tears and also hope for all of us, His little lambs, knowing that our dearest mother is fully rewarded, comforted and cared by Him, our loving Father, for the witness she was for Him and for us.
With lots of love and hugs,
My dearest Bellwether Family,
As much as I tried to be strong for all of us, sweet memories of our beloved Mother Nadine crashes in like mighty waves and I can't help but uniting my tears of joy and sorrow with all of you. Joy because she is among the holy ones; sorrow because her contagious laughter could not be heard anymore in this life.  Thanks to each of you who have cared for her in every way and have watched Mary's little lamb gently slipped away into her shepherds loving arms carrying her home. Blessed are you!  Please know that we are one in the Eucharist. I would like to say these words which I believe were ones of Mother's final words in honor of Corpus Christi feast day we've just celebrated.  "This is my body broken for you. This is my blood shed for you; and this is my heart pierced for you."  Mother is a martyr of love......because she gave everything to God who became everything to her!
Sr. Faustina
Dear Bellwether community,
I am deeply shocked and filled with sorrow at the sudden passing of M. Nadine, she was much loved by myself, my daughter and so many others. I ask that the Lord comfort all of you during this extremely difficult time. She touched my life in a way at a young age that I will never forget and I am so thankful that I was able to know such a wonderful servant of our Lord. I know now that she has passed into Heaven to be with the God she so faithfully served in her life on earth. She will be interceding for each of us in an even more powerful position in Heaven. God Bless and comfort each of you in this time of need.
With love,
Richardson, TX
I never met Mother Nadine in person but was introduced to her by a young man who was discerning a vocation through her recorded tapes and realized just how beautiful this dear sister was. Michael Brown of spiritdaily also spoke so fondly of her on his spiritdaily website where today I read of Mother's passing into eternal life. A few years ago I sent Mother a copy of a song inspired by The Holy Spirit that I wrote and recorded to honor Jesus in the Eucharist. She wrote me a personal thank you and assured me it would be played during adoration in the chapel there. ( you can hear it on youtube . it's called ' Jesus Truly Present in The Eucharist ( I love You) '. or at my website I was a music minister for many years until I got sick. I'm in the hospital as I write this & ask for your prayers that I get well again so I can resume my music ministry. May God continue to bless the Intercessors. We all need prayers & pray-ers. I am offering up my illness for conversions but am not a -very patient redemptive sufferer. I ask for bravery, strength and patience and peace. Please also pray for my family. Especially, my mom who had a stroke. I long to see her in Penna but live in Boston & can't travel due to illness. We talk on the phone everyday.
God bless you & those you love,
Mare Streetpeople
Arlington, MA
I was deeply shocked to hear of Mother Nadine's passing. To me, she will always be Mother Nadine. I have been a loyal intercessor for her and the community and will continue to do so even more now. "For who is like unto God?" is the Scripture I just received. The gates of hell shall not prevail upon something God has raised up for His people. May God's tremendous graces pour down upon each and everyone of you during this very sad time for your community. Mother and the Intercessors were a tremendous blessing in my life. I received many, many healings, anointings, graces and blessings throughout the years since I first attended a conference in l998. I will forever be grateful. I send my deepest condolences to all of you, through the powerful intercession of the "Woman clothed with the sun."
May Jesus' mercy fall upon "all." Amen.
Bea Hernandez
Dear Intercessors of the Lamb,
Peace be with you!  I am grieving with you all. I got word of Mother's passing just before I had to take my elderly Aunt for medical testing. On the way, just as I thought that Mother Nadine has passed away, I saw a license plate immediately in front of her with the message "All My Love".  It is fitting that Mother left between the Solemnity of the Precious Blood of Jesus last Sunday and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus this Friday. Saturday is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mother Nadine had a special love for God the Father and this Father's Day she is in the arms of Abba.  About a year and a half ago I had a dream that I felt may comfort you. I dreamt that I was in Omaha in a large home with the community. I was talking to someone and in the living room there were lots of children playing together. I then heard the cries of the children, "momma, momma" and I turned and saw a picture of the Divine Mercy of Jesus and Jesus walked out of the picture and went straight to the children to comfort them. I had been praying all day that Jesus goes straight to you children to comfort you with His Divine Mercy!  The daily reading today, June 4th was John 14:26: "But the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My Name, will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said to you. "I also received these words in prayer:"My time on earth has NOT been shortened"; "For this time, you are well prepared"  In my heart I saw the blazing torch of faith passing from Mother's hand to ours.  Then I heard: "Fearless runners, I tell you that the toil is heavy but the reward is great!"  Confirmation: A rainbow appeared as this song was being sung - "The Wonder of Your Cross"  I heard the words: "Courage my little one. My love for you is forever!"
Prayerfully in the Heart of Mary's Lamb,
Gail and Bob Ewasyn
Mississauga, Canada
I cannot breathe and I cannot but to take some breath of this sudden news that has taken me by surprise. I will come there after the funeral because of the short time notice. What a holy woman called by God.   This week will be a mourning week for me and my community and many catholic faithful who attended her workshop when she visited Ghana in 2000.  I came to know Mother Nadine in 1996. Since 1996, I have been touched by her powerful and humble teaching. She is prayerful, humble and patient. She is a holy woman and very very prayerful. She has a good heart and her aim was to help many people to know Jesus. She brought many people to the Christian faith and particularly, the Catholic Church. Many priests have been touched and inspired by her teaching. She just gave humble teaching that touched the heart.  This a woman that I have learned a lot. She gave me so many encouragement and I am very much grateful to God for knowing Mother Nadine. INDEED A HOLY WOMAN OF GOD. My heart is sad for the sudden death of my dearest mother. No one is more sad than I. She loved the Catholic Church and she was more Catholic. She instilled in many people the catholic doctrines. She was so close to the Blessed Virgin MARY and the Holy EUCHARIST.   Mother Nadine, I know that you are with Jesus and Mary. May you enjoy the good things that you stood for. I am with hope that all those you touched in the world, United States of America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceana. will continue to spread the charism of intercession to the world. I know God loves you more.  Many people in Africa who met you do appreciate your humility, prayerful presence and patience that God used you for. I have started celebrating masses for your soul. I have also told some priests in Ghana and Europe WHO MET YOU to do so. Many priests and seminarians have loved some of you spiritual books on Intercession. We are grateful for what God used you for.
Fr. Dr. Tony Nkyi
Ghana, Africa
Our sincerest condolence. We grieve with you with the passing of Mother. We will keep you in our prayers.  We praise and thank God because we share in the legacy Mother left. My heart is never the same after my 2008 retreat at Omaha. I belong to the companions in Tahanan Village,Paranaque, Philiippines under Ana Alcasid. We remain faithful to IOL,inc.
Connie Gabriel
Dear Intercessors,
Just a note to let you know that I especially carry you in my heart and prayers during this time. Mother Nadine changed my life. Words do not describe the BLESSING she has been! I Praise God for her and the legacy of her Mission here on earth. What a Mission I'm sure she has in Eternity now!
May God Bless you all with Abundant Peace!
In His Love,
Companion of the Lamb
I send my respect and love to the holy Mother and see that God has always and will always love her and she will be revered in the holiest of places. As such a beauteous nature she has always given me so much spirituality and hope and guidance and honor in my life. .. I wish to come this summer to pray and to give tribute.
Dr. Jeremie Rachunow
New York, NY
I have such a joy in my heart for our sweet spirit, precious Mother Nadine.  Some will think that Mother was the foundation, the cornerstone of the community and without the foundation the community would crumble. JUST THE OPPOSITE will happen. Jesus is the Cornerstone and always has been. The graces coming your way are so very many. God bless all of you. Please pray that I can find a way to come to your conference. I have been planning to make a pilgrimage to Spain to walk the Camino, the Way of St. James in September. So, attending the conference was not a consideration. Now it is! I don't have the funds, but I believe Jesus is calling me to Omaha. What was not possible, now seems probable.
Much love and prayers,
Billie Walter
Lyons, OR
Dear Intercessors,
I am offering my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of such a wonderful gift to this world.  Mother Nadine was a great Woman of faith. I want to thank you for all your prayers and sacrifices of intercession all these years. When I was thinking of her, the passage from scripture rang in my ears...." Crown of righteousness awaits me".  Your Community are in my thoughts and prayers during this very sad time. She is like a diamond radiating her purity, great Love sparkling in Heaven. The Bride and the Spirit say "Come" Let the one who thirsts come forward and the one who wants it receive the gift of life giving water. Mother heard the call and the call was so powerful...she had to go.
In my prayers,
Mary Ellen
Dear Intercessors,
I am so sorry to hear about Mother Nadine's passing.  I pray that she may continue to rejoice in the Lord all her Heavenly life.  She was indeed a lovely Mother. I am gonna miss Mother Nadine!!!!  I am sorry, I have become emotional.
May God bless you.
Ssendawula Aloysius
Uganda, East Africa
Dear Intercessors,
Words cannot express my shock and sadness for all of you not to have precious Mother Nadine anymore. I was so surprised when I looked at your website on Monday night and saw the news of her passing. I know, of course, that she lived a full, wonderful life and is now with Our Lord -- that is indeed marvelous! However, though I never met her, I kept thinking of what a wonderful light she was to everyone and what a rare spirit she had. Actually, I cried and cried after reading about it. It just took me by surprise and I thought of how much this world, which is now so dark, needs souls like Mother Nadine in it (of course, she is now in Paradise where she can pray for us with even more understanding then she had here). My own mother, whom I adored and was very close to, passed away last June 21st with cancer; she was almost 65 years old. Mother Nadine's sweet spirit reminded me so much of my mother that it brought back thoughts of her and made me even sadder. Besides having such sweet spirits, there is another parallel: they both loved Jesus, Father God, and the Holy Spirit so much. There really aren't many people like that. They may have prodigious spiritual gifts, a great "anointing," or perform many miraculous acts; but love like that for Our Lord is truly a very rare thing. The degree to which they humbled themselves, died to self, and let themselves be changed by the Lord, is incredible.  I remember a dream I once had where my whole family visited Bellwether (in real life, we never had; due to different kinds of problems, my father and I were mostly housebound. If I had been well, I certainly would have come). Mom and Mother Nadine were sitting right next to each other and both looked so happy. They weren't even saying anything. It's like they had encountered another soul who had found this great Love of the Lord and it made them both so joyful, like they were kindred spirits. I had another dream of Mother Nadine when my mother was a couple of months from death. She looked at me and said, "Turn to the Mother of the Lamb." I had never heard it put that way, but my brother and I really began to pray to Mary. My mother wasn't healed, but God's comfort was with us, even tangibly, in a way I'd never felt before.  What can I say about how much this ministry has meant to me? I first discovered it in 2006 when I saw Mother Nadine on Johnnette Benkovic's show "The Abundant Life" on EWTN. I was immediately attracted to what she was saying. I had read, at that point, many protestant books on spiritual warfare because I had encountered so much, but this was something different. She had such peace about her, such Love, and I could instantly tell she very much had the fruit of the Spirit. Nowadays, I really want to see fruit above all else. People may expel demons or see people healed, but I want to see fruit in their lives -- the result of someone truly living close to God and obeying Him -- and Mother Nadine certainly had it. I don't usually "gush" about people, and my own personality is naturally reserved and almost English, but I was always so impressed by this wonderful lady. I think I've written this before to you when I was requesting prayer (one of my many times!), but the Intercessors of the Lamb were and are by far my favorite ministry. I never dreamt it was possible to have so many things in one ministry -- the charismatic dimension, the Marian, inner healing, spiritual warfare, deliverance, the emphasis on growing in holiness and truly communing with the Lord, and much more -- I was just blown away by your charism. I have all of Mother's books and I think over 10 of the CD sets, which have helped me to know the Lord so much better. All of your prayer responses to me when I was suffering such mental and spiritual torment meant SO MUCH to me. I printed them all out and kept them -- over 12! -- since late 2006. In fact, you just responded, very helpfully, to one I had for me, my father, and brother about a month ago.  Finally, I think of the courage she must have had to go through the last few years with the suppression and all that happened. I'm sure all of this was very sorrowful for her, but I also believe that she always had her eyes firmly on Jesus and always did the Father's will. I feel that she she still had great joy in the midst of all this, because how can you not when you live to please the Father?? I truly feel that if everyone had deserted her and she had died alone, she still would have had the joy in her heart knowing she always had her eyes on Him -- that's how much I think she loved the Lord and how much respect I had for her faith. God bless her beautiful soul and God bless all of you as I hope you carry on God's work. I absolutely believe that she and my mother have met now in Heaven and I've already prayed and asked for her beautiful intercession!
Very sincerely and Love in Christ,
Timothy Pruitt
Danville, VA
I was led to pray the rosary this morning... I haven't prayed it in years. I knew it was Mother Nadine's intercession from Heaven. I am so grateful for her life, her work and all the prayers that have been said from this ministry. May God anoint another leader quickly and bring much peace to your ministry. I thank God for each of you and pray you are walking moment to moment in His wisdom and knowledge.
Chris Smith
Fort Thomas, KY
It is with deep sadness that I learned of Mother Nadine returning Home. It is with great joy that we celebrate her life in all that she gave to all of us. I knew her briefly but her impact on my life was and is greater than many I have known for 30 years. In two short weeks she made me feel at home with all of you and God.
Forever love,
Paul Van Watteghem
Windsor, Canada
Dear Bellwether Lambs,
We are with you during this time when we experience a sense of loss at Mother's passing.  But like Jesus, her "going is also her coming"- for we gain infinitely more! We can count on her to accomplish even greater good especially for all of us intercessors.  We send her off with much love and affection. We fondly remember her loving ways to us personally and to the countless others that the Lord placed across her path. We remember how all of you led by Mother made us feel we were home at Bellwether.  Most especially, we thank God for drawing us closer to Him through Mother Nadine. It has been a marvelous time these past fifteen years! We will continue to share this charism as Mother taught us to whomever the Lord sends to us.  Thank you God for the life Mother Nadine!
Cyril, Elmer, Meryl
Quezon City, Philippines
Dear Intercessors of the Lamb Community,
We have learned with profound shock about the passing on of our Beloved Mother! Mother Nadine.   It is so difficult to come to terms with it at a time when we were blessed to experience her love .  She has really impacted on our lives and made us to become part of the Intercessors of the Lamb community.  We shall remember her for her Motherly love and care.  We pray that her dream come true as we pray for the community that the Lord may comfort you during this time.  We pray for her soul to rest in peace. Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord, and let perpetual Light shine upon her, may Mother rest in Peace. Amen.
Patrick & Immaculate
Uganda, Africa

Dear Intercessors,
It seems like today Mother Nadine's death hit me most painfully. Though I never lived in community with you all, I have always felt in my heart deeply a part of your community, and that is the way of the Spirit, right? In fact, the spiritual bonds, I believe, are deeper than the bonds of the flesh in some ways. After the suppression, I realized just how precious Mother Nadine, you, and the rest of your community have been to me, and the pain that I suffered with you deepened my bond with the lambs.  I really longed to go to Mother Nadine's funeral, but we could not afford it, and you know how it helps to be with "family" when a close member of your family has died, and I do not have any members of the Intercessors family here. I am offering my pain for the blessing of your community.  Even though I didn't know Mother personally, through her teachings, her talks at conferences here in Texas, and the silent retreat I made a couple years ago, I knew her very well in spirit. Her open, loving, joyful heart made her accessible to so many. And so, to paraphrase what I read from Sr. Faustina, I am sad that I will never again in this life experience her smile and beautiful laughter.  She was (and is) a beautiful spiritual mother to me, and I believe that I have become a loving spiritual daughter to her. The Blessed Mother has been telling me that Mother Nadine is with me, and sometimes I experience her joyful spirit.  I keep you and the rest of the lambs in prayer daily. What a great loss you have experienced! And at the same time, I know you will be more richly blessed than ever through all the blessings that Mother Nadine is already obtaining for you.
I love you, my sister in the Holy Lamb!
Cami Murphy
Del Rio, TX
On June 3rd , 2013 as I started on my scheduled journey to India , our beloved Mother Nadine unexpectedly journeyed to her Saviour in Heaven . Reluctant to leave, my heart heavy with grief and joy that Mother had blessed us much with her love and grace. I must share the stories of the Eden she created in Bellwether and pray with the silence of the lambs community for solace, courage and hope.  My dear grieving community, I miss Mother's and your joyful love and laughter. "Saviour into Thy hands we commend our Mother Nadine's soul" is my earnest prayer. Please accept my heartfelt condolence on our Mother's passing.
With love and God bless,
Noel Anastasia
Kerala, India
Dearest Bellwether lambs,
May the love from the Heart of the Lamb console all of you and us during this time of great loss and grief for the passover of our beloved Mother Nadine! How I wish I could be there to pay her my last respect and embrace all of you. It is very hard to be orphaned a second time. I am very sad and join you in bearing this deep heart piercing, the grieving continuous and it seems endless. Last night, I hardly slept and was restless not knowing that Mother already passed away. I remembered that in my last telephone conversation with her, she mentioned that if ever we do not see each other in Omaha or in Manila, we will see each other in heaven. I pray I will get there so I can be home and never be homeless again! I thank God she's home to prepare the way for us, so we can have our family reunion with Br. Rick, Br. Mark, Sr. Rose Virginie and other intercessors. I also pray that all the sufferings she bore for the Lamb and the call would bring abundant graces for the Church.  We, the intercessors here in Manila plan to have a Holy Mass offered for Mother Nadine to celebrate the gift of her life. This is also our humble way of saying thank you to Mother Nadine for giving to the Lord. Please know that I am with you in prayer. May God bless you and keep you in His loving arms. I miss you all!
In the Heart of the Lamb,
Sr. Cristina
(formerly Sr. Mary Cristina)
Manila, Philippines
Dear Lambs,
I was listening to Mother Nadine's CD on Spiritual Warfare. This note would be too long to say all the blessings I have received from her ministry. Most importantly, how beloved we are in our Abba's eyes. I was shocked to hear of her death, but happy at the same time as she is with The Beloved. May the Holy Spirit continue her vision with her Lambs.
Dear Intercessor of the Lamb Angels,
I am deeply saddened at hearing the news of Mother Nadine's passing today. God Rest Her Precious Soul and may she receive a mighty reward in heaven for all the good she did on earth. She will be deeply missed.
Love & Blessings,
Diana Helbig
Denver, Colorado
Dear Intercessors of the Lamb,
I will always remember Mother Nadine for her compassionate ministry of love. Her gifts were so evident to all who had any involvement with her and the Intercessors. Over the years and through attending many conferences in Omaha, I have seen her following increase from just a few to a few thousand. At one conference, there were more than seventeen nations represented and over 2,000 in attendance. This reminds me of St. Francis of Assisi, my patron saint as a third order secular Franciscan, who had five thousand followers at the time of his death. I sincerely believe that she is already receiving her reward in Heaven. Mother Nadine, remember me now that you have come into your kingdom.
With love and prayerful support,
Kathy Ellinger
Joliet, Illinois
I am so sorry! I feel like I lost a dear friend.  She and all of you, will be in my prayers
Amelia W
I just found out about Mother Nadine's death. I am sad about it, but I wanted to take this time to say ,I will always remember her as a woman who loved, gave so generously of herself for the Lord, and had much compassion. Thank you all for your service to the Lord. It is so important to the body of Christ as well as the world now. Part of me feels that she now in Heaven be at rest and be given her reward from the Lord. I love her and I will pray for your ministry.
God bless you!
Florence, OR
Dear Bellwether Lambs,
This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. ( Psalm 118:24)
I was shock when I learned from Consuelo of Mother’s birth to eternal life but my heart
rejoices because this is the moment we are all working so hard in this life to give glory,
honour, praise, and thanksgiving to Him in everything we do, think, and say so we can be
with Him forever.· A cause for a great celebration.
Congratulations everyone, I know and believe you are all formed in the Charism· that the
Lord gave to Mother and you are all ready to continue the ministry. And in gratitude to
the Lord for willing me to know IOL· and to learn from Mother’s teachings I give you my
humble support for as long as I live.
In the heart of Jesus and Mary,
Mafy Lou Monck
I just received your email about M. Nadine. I am deeply sorry for your loss and all our loss. If it was not for her yes to our Lord, I would not understood this call to the contemplative life, especially for a lay person. I am very grateful to our Lord for being able to meet M. Nadine and you. I thank you for your prayers over the years and for spiritual guidance in my walk with Jesus.  I miss you and I will certainly miss M. Nadine.
God bless you and you are in my prayers.
Viola Rochefort
Calgary, Canada
I cannot say how grateful I am towards Mother Nadine, yes MOTHER Nadine, she was a profound influence on my life in every way possible. She taught me how to speak to Jesus with the loving trust of a child, and how to protect myself against Satan, and his many ways and strategies. I will always love her beyond telling, and I now place her between Padre Pio and Sister Faustina as my advocates in heaven. I would say I would pray for her, but I really doubt she needed any more help with the love she bore Jesus. If she did not get straight into heaven, then no one can. And I apologize for the way she was treated in the end, it was shameful and she took it like a champ, because that is who she was and she is more beautiful suffering like Jesus because of it. I adore her, and I praise and thank her for all she did. What a faithful life she was.
Ariel Fauley
Sandy, Oregon
Dearest Bellwether Family,
It took me a while to get over the shock of Mother Nadine’s unexpected passing. She was not only a Mother to me but she was everything to me because she changed my life completely and brought me so close to Jesus that I cannot explain the joy because the Lord is so close to me now. This is all because of the prayers emanating from Bellwether. Words cannot explain the spiritual giftings that Mother birthed in me and so many others, particularly in that of so many priests and nuns.  Her book, very precious Bathe Seven Times went all over the world. Every convent of Mother Teresa’s (over 865 worldwide) have a copy of it. Mother Nadine gave me full permission to print 7,000 copies of that book of hers, in India. These copies were then delivered to various Bishops, priests, seminaries, convents and so on, all without charge, and how much good those books continue to do in the lives of those who read it. How much demand today there is amongst priests and religious in India for Mother’s book Bathe Seven Times. It is so helpful to aid them on the path to holiness.  My memory goes back twelve years to my first encounter with Mother Nadine. I was blessed to make her acquaintance soon after the passing of my beloved husband, Keith. It was at this first encounter with Mother, that she confided to me that my mission was for the priests, and how true since then, has her prophecy borne rich fruit. Since that time, through my little efforts, how many Priests and Religious have Bellwether Family done prayer-ministry for, to the changing of the lives of those very Priests and Religious; so many testimonies these very ones have given me as to how Mother’s prayers and intercession have brought them victory, in their individual lives. So many priests from India have told me how they love Mother Nadine and were so terribly grateful to her for the extreme efficacy of her prayers as they beseeched them for the heavy-duty spiritual endeavors they were involved in, some of which had to do with their very survival, re: spiritual warfare.  Yes, Mother was always full of joy. The love that flowed from her was contagious. It was a gift to be around her, and I am so thankful to God for this Charism which I learned from Mother.  It was my especial joy to speak with Mother just three days prior to her passing. She was so cheerful, so strong in her voice. I never for a moment thought she would part from us so soon. During that converse, I said to Mother: “Mother, you brought me so close to Jesus. The world means nothing to me now. It’s all Jesus”. And she was joyful at that, and I also said something about the Bellwether Family, to which she responded: “Each one of them are real jewels, honey”. Those were some of the words of our last conversation, before her unexpected passing.  My dearest Bellwether Family, we have to cling together, pray for each other, intercede for each other; and now Mother Nadine is in a better place to intercede for us to God the Father through Jesus, the Lamb she loved so much. We are intensely praying for you all there and we will continue to do that. God will come through for all your needs there.
We love you,
Irene McNeilly
Alberta, Canada
Dear Bellwether Family,
Really, it would be hard not to love Mother Nadine Brown. The joy of the Lord, the Immanence of the Glory of the Lord radiating through her testified to the Communion of the Divine which she enjoyed as we enjoy the air we breathe!  Mother’s retreats were about hearing that delicate whispering voice of the Lord, of which we read about in 1stKings 19:12.  Mother was gifted by the Lord to bring a Charism to the Church. The Charism is Intercession/Spiritual warfare. Mother was trained in her cloistered life in the Charism of her Foundress from France, who described the Charism, so many years ago back then, simply as: Ephesians Chapter Six. In Ephesians Chapter Six, verses 10-20 St. Paul very matter of factly testifies to: the schemings of the devil; principalities and powers; the rulers of the darkness of this age; spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places; and of our need to don the Heavenly armor, to withstand and to stand, victorious. Anybody can read Ephesians Chapter Six, and understand it to varying degrees, but to minister it involves the littleness of a child, so that the Lord will allow you to see, in the Spirit, as for example we read in 2 Kings 6:17, or again, John 1: 48.  Ephesians Six testifies to spiritual enemies, enemies of God and enemies of mankind. Mother’s Charism was one where, through the Lamb who was slain and lives forever, she set the captives free, whoever came to her (even via e-mail from any part of the world) for ministry. Mother so gently brought healing to the wounded in need. I so like the imagery St. Paul uses in Chapter five of Ephesians, in verse twelve, where he speaks of the five-fold office of the Church to be for the equipping of the Church. What does that mean? The word equipping Paul uses there is katartismos in the Greek, and means: ’the setting of a bone during surgery’. That kind of spiritual surgery is what the Bellwether Charism to me seemed to be about. Mother turned no one away, and worked diligently, ever listening and learning from the Divine Physician (cf. Exodus 15:26) and ministering the healing of Jesus into all the situations that came Bellwether’s way. Mother was victorious in all her ministering because she allowed the Divine warrior to do the warfare through her. Exodus 3:15 states that “The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name”; cf. Wisdom 18:14.  Mother Nadine’s Charism involved a growth in the gifts of knowledge and wisdom. Mother was always one not to go ahead of the Lord, but always to follow His direction. That way there is always victory. It seems to me that Bellwether Intercessors of the Lamb’s future is best summed up in the words of Gamaliel from Acts chapter five wherein we read: “And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it—lest you even be found to fight against God.”  Mother seemed to be always flowing in the anointing. How affectionately she spoke of our Heavenly Father. She spoke of Our Lady of Light as though the Blessed Mother was always by her side. She stressed our incorporation into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The thing I most liked about Mother Nadine is that she so well understood, and walked in, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. These are mysteries, not often pierced by the great intellects, but seen and enjoyed rather by the little ones, the ones of which Jesus said in Luke 10:21-22:“I thank You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight. All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.”  I expect the ministry of the Intercessors of the Lamb, Inc. to continue to prosper. Remember St. Peter’s words in 1 Peter 2:4-5: “Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.”
Fr. David Bernard
Alberta, Canada
Our life as a family have immensely changed since we first met Mother at Bellwether in January 2008. My wife and I met Mother during our honeymoon, when we stopped by to visit our cousin who couldn’t attend our wedding. Our 2 days scheduled stop ended up a whole week visit with the Bellwether Intercessors, where we stayed in one of their guest houses. Since then, with two children now, our life has never been the same. We have all been blessed by the fact that we got to know Mother up close and personal and vice versa, better yet we got to know Mother remotely.  We thank God for the marvels of telecommunication innovation and revolution that made it possible for us to call Mother and speak for endless hours at cheap rates.  Although the onus is on us to take our requests and prayers to the Heavenly Father and check them out as Mother always ended up her prayers with, still yet we have an intercessor who we already know who we can rely on up there.  It is not what you know but Who you know, right?! and we know Mother that is for sure.  So we already have started to invoke her heavenly intercession... Instead of being one phone call away, Mother will ever be present to intercede for us when we go deep in that desert spirituality mode, the contemplative spirituality she fervently trained intercessors on, a spirituality which is grounded on silence, solitude, prayer and penance as its pillars.  Mother’s prayerful spirit is with us all; I can see it hovering peacefully above the heads of each person she has encountered in her lifetime, to include and not limited to her dear intercessors, companions, friends and family and those to whom she has prayed for all along.  Since the Spirit is one wherever we are, I am sure that Mother is with us now praying for us all and travelling alongside the Word of God, that Sword of the Spirit, the Sacrificial Lamb, the Jesus Incarnate Whom she taught about passionately and lived by His Word militantly.
Love in Christ & Prayerfully yours in the Lamb,
Beirut, Lebanon
I was grieved by the sudden death of Mother Nadine on June 3rd.  I have praying for the happy repose of her soul, and praying asking for her intercession as well. In my heart, I believe Mother Nadine was a saint! Over the years, I made a number of annual priestly retreats at Bellwether and always came away with a deeper sense of Mother's holiness and love for God, the Virigin Mary, the Church and the communion of saints. I always felt the same too about the Bellwether community. In fact, I would have liked to have joined them had it been God's will for my life!  When the Bishop of Omaha so suddenly shut the community down I was shocked and deeply saddened and hurt since I had seen so much good fruit from the Intercessors of the Lamb.  Now that Mother Nadine has gone back Home to God, let us pray ever more diligently for God's plan and will to be done in our own lives and for the Intercessors of the Lamb and Bellwether through her heavenly intercession! All of you are in my prayers.
God be with you,
Pennsburg, PA
Dear Bellwether Lambs,
I just read your email and I am trying to write between the tears. This is so sudden and unexpected. It is a deep loss. Ever since I met Mother Nadine I was deeply touched by her holiness, her charism and her warmth. I have been applying her teachings to my own life and I am grateful to God for having met her. One consolation is that we now have a powerful intercessor in Heaven.  Thank you Sisters and continue in your holy life of sacrifice and love and prayer. I will continue to pray for you. Be consoled. Mother is smiling and looking down on you.
Thresena S. Veira
St. Vincent and the Grenadines