Excerpt on Solitude from Hearing God’s Voice
By M. Nadine

“The Woman Herself fled into the desert where She had a place prepared by God” (Rev 12:6)

All that we need to remember is that when we go into the desert, no matter what kind of desert it is, we go into that desert with the Lord. We are always led there by the Holy Spirit.

When we allow this to happen day after day, we learn how to create our own solitude. We cannot go off to retreat houses. We cannot go off to the Southwest. But, we create our own desert within, as Jesus taught us. We fashion our own desert where we can withdraw every day. We can even withdraw within ourselves when we are with other people. We have all experienced this also, God drawing us within. Just for a second, perhaps, we are in the desert alone with Him, and in that meeting, in that moment of touching God, we get renewed. We get strengthened. We receive joy.It is just a touch of solitude, but we know we have been in the gentle presence of the Lord, and we emerge strengthened by the encounter.

This purification process is absolutely key to an intercessor. There is a beautiful Scripture in Isaiah 52:2 where God is saying, “Shake off the dust, Jerusalem.” Shake off the dust. He calls each one of us by name. “Come, let me purify you. Come into this deeper conversion process, because I want you to ascend to the throne.” Intercessors need to ascend to the throne, don’t we? This is where intercession takes place- with Jesus. He is at the throne, at the right hand of the Father. So we constantly have to go into this solitude, every day, to shake off the dust so we can ascend to the throne.

Then the most beautiful thing occurs. We have read about it. The saints tell us about it. Scripture tells us. Solitude transforms us. We become a new creation, and that new creation is Jesus. We become Jesus. It is a place of being totally Jesus, of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul talks about that, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” That is the armor. It is the entire armor of God for a prayer warrior. You can see why there are so few prayer warriors today. This solitude dimension is lacking, where we become totally transformed, where we learn to put on Jesus. This is the power of solitude.

The beauty and the mission of solitude is that we can return there even after conversion, even after our will is totally obedient, even after we keep shaking off the dust. We can return there every day with others, with all of those whom we are called to embrace in this ministry. We can bring them into that Presence also. Isn’t that beautiful? This is the power of intercession at this level, if we allow ourselves to be formed into the image of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is constantly calling to us to come deeper and deeper into this never ending communion, this communion of being alone each day with God who prepares us for our unending communion with Him forever and ever.

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”
(Lk 1:46-47)