February 5, 2023 
Excerpt from Prayer Warrior Summit Formation Album by our Mother Foundress

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.”  (Jer 1:5)

Each of us has heard God calling us by name.  He called Moses by name on Mount Sinai and his response was, “Here I am” (Ex 3:4).  This is to be our response, too.  We begin our Summit meeting on Mount Sinai where Moses received his call to be a prayer warrior and a tremendous intercessor, but first and foremost, he was called to be a prophet to listen and dialogue with God.  This is where he received his instructions.

We are called to the very summit of love, to transforming union, to be so totally one with Jesus, especially Jesus Christ Crucified, which is the summit of agape love.  Jesus is the Prayer Warrior; Jesus is the Intercessor; Jesus is the Mediator.  Jesus is the Beloved Son, the One who the Father listens to.  So when Jesus prays in, with, and through us, we know we have the Father’s ear.  We also have received a call, a mission, and it is like Moses’ mission, but first and foremost it is a call to relationship with the Lord.

God is saying, “I will send you.”  He is talking about sending us forth now as prayer warriors right into the enemy’s camp to lead His people out of Egypt, out of paganism, out of the desert, and out of all the places where they are confined right now.  He promised Moses on Mount Sinai, “I will be with you.”  Jesus Himself also said, “I am with you always.”  This means we need to believe it!  If a prayer warrior doesn’t have that belief that God is with us, then we’re going to go down fast because Satan will know right away that we’re not really sure, particularly when the thick of the battle comes and the clouds get dark.  God is telling us, “You’re not going to go into battle alone because the battle belongs to Me.  It’s My battle, but I need to fight it through, with, and in you now.  I will be with you.”  Our response is “Lord, I believe You.  I truly believe in You.  I know You wouldn’t call me to this kind of ministry and mission if You weren’t true to Your promise.”

“Let the weak man say, ‘I am a warrior!’”  (Joel 4:10)