January 20, 2023 
Excerpt from Hearing God’s Voice Album by our Mother Foundress


“There is need of only one thing.  Mary has chosen the better part.”    (Lk 10:38-40)      

The better part is simply listening, sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening.  Mary was being fed and nurtured, because His words are words of Spirit and Life (Jn 6:63).  He calls this listening silence the better part.  Look at how fruitful this listening silence became to Mary Magdalene.  We go back to the silence of Resurrection, the silence there of the tomb, where she hears with her heart her name, Mary.  She knows His voice.  It is disguised now in someone that looked to her like a gardener.  He didn’t look to her like the Jesus she used to know physically, but she knows the Voice and she replied, “Rabbouni,” Teacher (Jn 20:15-16).  Once you know Him, no matter what the disguise, if He speaks through a child, if He speaks through circumstances, if He speaks through friends, anyone, you’ll know Him.  You’ll know His Voice, no matter what the outward appearance, if you have been accustomed to listening.  

This silence of Resurrection is a silence that leads us to union, to transformation, witnessing, and because of the oneness now with the Word Himself, to effective evangelization.  Like the woman at the well, she experienced Jesus and she ran then to tell her entire village (cf. Jn 4:28-30).  When we experience Him in this kind of silence, we will not be able to keep the Good News that we have heard to ourselves.

Then there is prophetic silence.  In Rv 8:1, it says, “When the Lamb broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven for half an hour.”  That’s something to meditate upon, to ponder, to re-read.  What is the seventh seal?  And why is there such tremendous silence?  John makes a point here in telling us about the silence.  There is always a sovereign movement of God in silence.  No one saw Jesus come forth from the tomb.  No one heard it.  It is in silence, and now we read that Heaven is silent when the Lamb opens the seventh seal.  In Zep 1:7, we hear, “Silence in the presence of the Lord God, for near is the day of the Lord.”  In listening silence, God will reveal to us what is the day of the Lord, how near it is, and what we should be doing.  

This is how God is trying to form His army.  He’s trying to form us into this army, with those intercessors who are connecting with us now throughout the world, so that together we will hear the Word of the Lord.  This is how we come alive with Spirit and Life and form this vast army.  As intercessors we are called to beg the Spirit to come upon the world, upon the Church, upon our nation again and breathe new life, so that all of God’s people can hear the Word of the Lord.  That is where we come in as intercessors, to prepare hearts to listen, to obtain for them this gift of desire to listen to the Word of the Lord.

“Silence, all mankind, in the presence of the LORD! for He stirs forth from His holy dwelling.”  (Zech 2:17)