Excerpt from Prepare the Way of the Lord Album by our Mother Foundress

“Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in Heaven.” (Mt 6:10)

It is very important to understand that Jesus comes to do the Father’s will. He is looking for people like us so that He can enter into our temples and continue doing the Father’s will. This is how He is coming against sin, against the enemy. This is how He is taking back the Father’s Kingdom for the Father. The fruit of His action will always be peace – peace on earth, peace in our earthen vessels. We, now, are those of good will. When we are one with God and remain in His will, a silence comes into our lives automatically because we are resting in the Lord. This is a very deep level of contemplation.

Every surrender, every “yes” will bring Jesus. He is the God Who comes. When we are baptized, we are baptized priest, prophet and king. We enter into the mystical priesthood of Jesus. Every “yes” brings Jesus more and more into my heart. It can also bring Him into others’ hearts because we are standing in the gap for them, for the Church, for God’s people. We become, literally, the heart of the Mystical Body.

We are not in this alone. Wherever we are, personally, with God, all those that have been given to our care will follow. “Draw me! We will follow you eagerly!” (Sg 4:1) We may never know who they are in this lifetime, yet they will receive that same grace. Our “yes” is not just a personal “yes” any more than Our Lady’s “yes” was personal. It was for all of us, for the world. She is still giving Jesus to the world. Likewise, every “yes” we give brings Jesus into the hearts of all mankind.

“A body You have prepared for Me. Behold I come to do Your will.” (Heb 5:5)