Excerpt from Prepare the Way of the Lord Album by our Mother Foundress

“You are living stones built as an edifice of spirit into a holy priesthood offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus.” (1 Peter 2:5)

This is our ministry. This is who we are; this is what we do. The Lord showed me that through the four pillars of contemplative prayer, which are also the four marks of the Church, come forth diamonds of faith, if we allow God to work with us and speak to us and love us in the pillar of silence. From the pillar of solitude comes forth emeralds of hope. If the world needs anything today, it needs hope. Through the pillar of prayer comes forth living stones of rubies, which are pure love covered in the Blood of the Lamb. From the pillar of penance comes forth tremendous zeal – pearls of wisdom. It is a wisdom that will always surrender to the power of God’s love.

We are a people whom God claims as His own to proclaim the glorious works of the One who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Pet 2:9). Wisdom is the gift of light, of love and of everything, when you think about it. In this light and love we stand in the gap, bridging God and man. We prepare the way of the Lord. We are rebuilding the Church, restoring God’s house to a house of prayer. In this way we go forth in the power of the Spirit with the Woman Herself clothed with the sun (Rev 12), as Church now, clothed with the sun, clothed with His light, to meet the dragon in combat to set others free. We are always called to set the captives free.

We prepare as St. Bernard has said, the second coming of the Lord, where God can come and dwell fully within His house. Then His house, His Church, becomes a house of prayer for all people (Is 57:6).

“For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Is 56:7)