Excerpt from God's Armor Book by our Mother Foundress

“Take the helmet of salvation …” (Eph 6:17)

Jesus was so totally and utterly dependent upon the Father and the Spirit of the Father dwelling within Himself that He said, “The Son cannot do anything on his own but only what he sees the Father doing” (Jn 5:19). Jesus was a grown man, and even as He as getting close to death He continued in obedience. He consulted the Father at all times. He walked in the perfect will of always pleasing the Father. So don’t be ashamed to be dependent upon the Lord; don’t be ashamed to be vulnerable, to be little, to lean on God, and to be a child.

Our thoughts mold us, and we act very much out of what we think. There’s nothing wrong with this if we are remaining as God’s children. Children are so pure and transparent. They are spontaneous. Whatever they’re thinking on the inside, it’s right there on the outside. There’s no duplicity. It’s beautiful. This is how Jesus wants us to be. He wants us to be like little children so that whatever is going on inside us will truthfully have its full expression on the outside. Our words, our relationships, and our actions will show who we are.

In Romans 12:2 we read, “Do not conform yourselves to this age, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may judge what is God’s will, what is good, pleasing and perfect.” Good decisions are made this way. Through the renewal of our mind, God always wants us to make the most perfect decision, not just what is better, but what is the very best, what is perfect.

“We who live by day must be alert, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation as the helmet (1 Thes 5:8). Isn’t that beautiful? Hope. What’s the opposite of hope? How does the enemy work in our mind? If we don’t have that helmet of salvation on, we can sink into fear, despair, discouragement, depression, and unforgiveness. We have to be aware of our thought life constantly so we can fight. The real battleground, where the real fight is fought, is in our own minds. Se we have to get hope back and keep it firmly in place. Our thoughts must be protected. We have to go to the Lord constantly for help. The battle is the Lord’s even when it is in our own minds

So we need that helmet of salvation on, our deep belief that God loves me. If we find ourselves beginning to get discouraged and starting to go downhill, then we need to get in deeper touch with the Lord. We need to bring all our feelings into the light, to the One who is Light! We need to go to Him and tell Him what’s going on, or satan will tell us all kinds of lies as to why God doesn’t love me. The helmet of salvation has to be firmly on, so that with St. Paul we, too, may confess, “He loved me and delivered himself up for me” (Gal 2:20).

Therefore, “Take the helmet of salvation” (Eph 6:17) and put on the mind of Jesus Christ. Our thoughts must be deeply rooted in faith and hope in His great love for us so that we, too, may “do only what pleases the Father” (Jn 8:29).

“We who live by day must be alert, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation as the helmet” (1 Thes 5:8)