Excerpt from Wings Album by our Mother Foundress

“So be imitators of God, as beloved children” (Eph 5:2)

In Romans 2:4, Saint Paul says, “Do you not know that God’s kindness is an invitation to repent?”  We are not going to change unless we come into God’s loving presence.  We do not change for anybody unless we know that we are loved.  Have you ever heard someone say, “This is for your own good”?  If it is not said in love, it has very little effect on us.  God isn’t after conversion and repentance right off.  He sets up the relationship, “Come into this solitude with Me.  Let us be alone.”  

Recall how he dealt with Zacchaeus.  “Come down Zacchaeus (Lk 19:5).  You do not have to stay up in that tree.  Come on down.”  He says, Hurry down.  Hurry into that cave within, into that inner room, into that enclosed garden.  Hurry!  I want to spend this day in your house with you.”  God wants to be with us.  After He was with Zacchaeus for a little while Zacchaeus said, “I am ready now.  I will repent.  I will do whatever it takes.”  When this happens with us, when we know we are deeply loved, we want to change.  We know that we are in the presence of Love, we are in the presence of Light, and we are secure.  We know that no matter what He sees within us, He is going to love us.  We hear about this in the Gospel account of the woman at the well.  “He knows everything about me,” and He loves me.  We, too, need the security of His love.

The journey of the soul is a journey into solitude.  It must be a daily journey if we want to have the breastplate of righteousness (Eph 6:14) to use in our battle against sin.  We want the Fire, that pure Fire, to be burning in our hearts.  When we allow that Fire to burn, the scaffolding, you might say, is coming away.  The false identity is coming away.  We draw our identity very much from people, from what people say about us or what people think about us.  But we are made in the image and likeness of God.  Until we come into the presence of God more and more every day, until we are ready to encounter Him in the solitude of our hearts, we will not know who we really are.

“God looked at everything He had made, and He found it very good.”  (Gen 1:31)