Excerpt from Wings
Talk given by M. Nadine

“So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come.” (2 Cor 5:17)

The Holy Spirit calls us into the New Creation, the New Jerusalem, the New Covenant. He is the New Wine. At Cana, when the tremendous miracle of the new wine first came forth at the intercession of Our Lady, it produced tremendous joy (Jn 2:1-10)! But, it was three years later that Jesus, Mary, John and Mary Magdalene were treading the wine press on Calvary to produce the new wine of the Spirit. We see the bitter and the sweet. We want the new wine to come forth in the Church. We want the new Pentecost. But who will produce the wine?

The beautiful thing about wine and Pentecost, the beautiful thing about the Holy Spirit, is that the fruit is always joy. It is always joy. Joy is the infallible sign of the Presence of God. That was the sign when the apostles came out of the Upper Room at Pentecost. People thought they were drunk because they were so intoxicated with joy. They were filled with the new wine of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit changes us constantly from glory to glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18). Our faith walk is always in stages. Abraham went in stages. He moved from stage to stage. We do too. This is how God moves us if we allow Him. And what does He use primarily to move us from one stage of glory to another? When I use the word “glory,” I am speaking of Life. St. Irenaeus said that “man fully alive is the glory of God.” Man fully alive is the glory of God. A person, fully alive, is full of the Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life. And that is the glory of God.”

“I came so that they might have Life and have It more abundantly.” (Jn 10:10)