Sunday, July 5th


“For the Lamb Who is in the Center of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to springs of Life-Giving Water.” (Rev 7:17)



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Introduction by Mary Elizabeth:


Pray for the grace to receive a new outpouring of the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit and to remain steadfast in following Jesus, the Lamb of God and Good Shepherd!




Revelation 7:14-17

Revelation 5:12-13

Revelation 21:5-6

Revelation 22:1-4

John 21:15-19

John 21:20-22



Additional Scriptures:

John 20:19-23

1 John 4:9-13

Revelation 22:17

♥Please see below list of suggested songs to listen to between Scriptures.



Meditation Clip:



Meditation Song:

“I Am Yours” by Ginny Owens



Journaling questions after listening to meditation and meditation song:

1) Jesus, how do You want me to remain in You so that the spring of Life-Giving Water will continue to well up within me?

2) And/or Journal whatever touched you from the meditation and song, and allow Jesus to minister to your heart.


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Suggested Songs:

“All Who Are Thirsty” by Vineyard Music



“Behold the Lamb” by Passion ft. Kristian Stanfill


“How Beautiful” by Twaila Paris


“No Borders” by Ginny Owens


“The Spirit and the Bride” by Matt Maher


“Crown Him with Many Crowns” Words by Matthew Bridges and Godfrey Thring, Music by Goerge Job Elvey, sung by the Bellwether Lambs music ministry



 Closing Videos:

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you!


He's Got the Whole World in His Hands


“There is Power in the Blood” by Lewis Ellis Jones, sung by the Bellwether Lambs music ministry in Our Lady of Light Chapel


“Build Your Kingdom Here” Words and music by Gareth Gilkeson and Christ Lewellyn ©2011 Thankyou Music, CCLI License #1670268, sung by the Bellwether Lambs music ministry



“Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory” (Battle Hymn) Words by Julia Howard Howe / Music by William Steffe, sung by the Bellwether Lambs music ministry in Our Lady of Light Chapel 


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