Friday, July 3rd - Morning Session



“I am the Good Shepherd, I know mine and mine know me” (Jn 10:14)


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Introduction by Mary Elizabeth:



Dr. Tom Haley


Pray for the grace to know your true identity as a beloved child of the Heavenly Father and to believe in His unconditional love for you.



John 10:14

Jeremiah 1:5

Psalm 139:1-6, 7-12, 13-17

Isaiah 49:16

Isaiah 54:10

Additional Scriptures:

Isaiah 45:3

Isaiah 43:1-4

John 1:1-5, 10-12


♥ Please see below for list of suggested songs to listen to between Scriptures.



Meditation Audio Clip:



Meditation Song:

“He Knows My Name” by Maranatha Singers



Journaling questions after listening to the meditation and meditation song:

1) Abba, Father, what is on Your Heart that You want to share with me now?

2) And/or Journal with the Lord about whatever touched your heart in the meditation or song and allow Him to minister to your heart.


Suggested Songs:

“Who You Say I am” by Hillsong Worship


“Tell Me” by Carrollton


“Beautiful” by Mercy Me


“Song of My Father” by Urban Rescue



Psalm 139 (Far Too Wonderful) by Shane & Shane


Or listen to the song(s) of your choice