On July 1-4th, friends and companions from Australia, Canada and various states in the U.S. gathered at Bellwether for the “Come, Lord Jesus!” Spiritual Warfare Workshop. We experienced a new and powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit as God’s prayer warriors and intercessors during these turbulent times.  We communally interceded for Jesus, the Lamb of God and Divine Bridegroom, to come and reign more deeply within our own hearts and the hearts of all God’s people.  We fervently interceded for Jesus to bring forth His Light, Love and Peace upon every nation, community, parish and family, setting the captives free.  The Workshop consisted of contemplative and spiritual warfare talks for both adult and youth participants.    The talks included:

~“The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come’”
~Holy Spirit: Living Flame of Love
~Holy Spirit: Life-Giving Water of Peace
~Immaculate Heart of Mary: Refuge of Sinners
~Mary, Seat of Wisdom: Clothed in Battle Array
~Jesus, Lamb of God: Light of the World

Discipleship sessions opened the way for community building, teachings and sharings of personal encounters
with the Lord.  The “Come, Lord Jesus!” Spiritual Warfare Workshop powerfully concluded with moving testimonies from the youth as they shared their personal prayer experiences from the Workshop.  Lastly, we all experienced being sent forth with renewed zeal to reflect Jesus, the Lamb of God and Light of the world!

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