On July 13th-16th, we hosted “Clothed with Power!” our 30th Annual International Workshop of Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare here at Bellwether. It was a great joy to gather together again with many of you in the Upper Room in Our Lady of Light Chapel to experience a new Pentecost! 
United with Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, we all joined together in communal intercession for the nations, shepherds, the remnant Church, families, marriages and children. There was a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit throughout the Workshop, and each one present experienced being Clothed with Power in desert solitude (Rev 12), wings of contemplative prayer (Rev 12:13-14), the Armor of Light (Rom 13:11-14), the Precious Blood of the Lamb (Rev 12:11), and in the Garment of Salvation and Kingdom authority (Rev 12:10), through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Col 3:12-16). 
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit brought about deeper interior transformation, Heart to heart intimacy with the Holy Trinity and a renewed commitment to this Life-giving charism of the Lamb of God! Throughout the Workshop, we held each of you, our faithful companions, in our hearts and prayers to be filled with every grace in abundance!
As we persevere together in this powerful mission of the Lamb of God, we are so deeply grateful to the Heavenly Father for each of you, and we continue to hold you and your loved ones in our hearts and daily prayers here at Bellwether!

Please click here to listen to a prayerful meditation on the Armor of Light
from the Clothed with Power! Workshop