O gentle King with Heart Divine
Sweat drops of Blood, praying, “Father, Your will, not Mine.”

Meek and humble He was led away, 
For all mankind, our sins to pay.

The Lamb of God stood condemned
and received His sentence through the hands of men.

Silently He bore the unceasing pain, 
His loving eyes fixed on the Father’s gain.

Heaven’s angels surrounded His royal throne, 
The Cross lifted high – Bridge for all souls to go Home!

Finally, He came to breathe His last
and chains of sin shattered like broken glass!

The Father’s Promise of Life released, 
Gift to all from greatest to least!

Now joining the Lamb Who gave His life in Love, 
We too are called to witness to the Kingdom above.

His warriors for souls, we are clothed in Light,
Holding steadfast to the Cross, our victory, our might!

His mission continues, His Spirit lives on
Giving strength to His warriors ‘til evil is gone!

His Mother reminds us, “It has begun,”
She teaches us surrender, like Jesus, Her Son.

The Lamb of God will conquer, and sinlessness too,
His Precious Blood victorious, and all will be made new!




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